$ 20.00

If you like kickin' it old school with your addresses and correspondence information, you're gonna love this notebook! Keep track of names, addresses, email, phone, birthdays, etc. 

This notebook includes: 

  • 26 letters each on their own pages
  • On-paper tabs for easy access to each letter
  • 3 pages of each letter (1 page of X, Y, Q) (5 pages of S, J, B) 
  • Your choice of cover! 

    Notebook Customizations

    Some of our customers would like a different cover put on their specialty notebook than the default cover provided in this listing. If you would like a different cover please enter the name of the cover here, otherwise you can leave this field blank. To take a look at all of our cover options check out our Interchangeable Cover section in the shop.

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